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Lisa M. Taylor is a designer of natural jewelry for the most discriminating buyer. Her handmade pieces include natural materials such as baroque pearls, coral, shells and semi- precious gemstones like turquoise, rock crystal, chalcedony, and many more. She has drawn inspiration from materials found in nature. Each piece is a one of a kind due to natural minerals being distinct from one another insuring unique, bold creations.

Her newest designs incorporate the most gorgeous semi-precious gemstones and freshwater baroque pearls combined with her one of a kind antique pieces. Her designs include classic necklaces using antique fobs, seals, hand engraved lockets, and intaglios. She will be happy to adjust the length of the Pearl Necklaces with Vintage Pieces and Fobs to meet your custom needs.

This website utilizes paypal, but Visa/MC can be taken by contacting Lisa directly.

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